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Blue and White Happiness Lamp - Michael's Lamp StudioNo matter where you live or how old you may be, buying a wedding gift can be tricky. Fortunately, Michael’s Lamp Studio has exactly what you need to give that happy couple a great start to their marriage. Nothing says ‘I do’ like lighting up their life with our beautiful, Blue and White Happiness Porcelain Lamp!

Perfect Wedding Present

As we really get into the thick of wedding season, many guests have come to us looking for that special lamp for a newly wedded couple. Obviously, any lamp you decide to give should be unique in character and should serve in both functionality and aesthetics. Many people opt for accent lamps that are also conversation pieces. Lamps like these are one in a million and a gift that every couple can enjoy for many, many years to come.

Blue and White Happiness Porcelain Lamp

This Porcelain Happiness Lamp is completely unique and unlike anything in our store. At Michael’s Lamp Studio, we even call it our “Happy” lamp because it truly does bring a smile to everyone’s face. This lamp has a genuine Blue and White Calligraphy on it that reads “HAPPY” when translated. Upon interpretation, this lamp’s aesthetic meaning is “happy life.” What better gift than to literally wish the couple a happy life? The lamp stands 22” tall from the base to the beautiful top. The shade is an 18” Empire that is off white and fan pleated. The beauty and meaning of this lamp is the perfect choice for any wedding gift.

The Uniqueness of Michael’s Lamp Studio

While we love and cherish our Porcelain Happiness lamp, let’s not forget the enormous selection that we, at Michael’s Lamp Studio, provide. Our variety is endless. We have a variety of lamps that differ in style, in size, and even in functionality. Finding the perfect wedding gift here is always a breeze. Looking for something more specific? Our highly trained lighting consultants are knowledgeable, friendly, and can help you get your hands on exactly what you have been searching for.

The perfect wedding gift has never been closer! Don’t wait another second or waste another dime trying to find the right fit. Come and visit us at Michael’s Lamp Studio today! For more specific information about our Porcelain Happiness Lamp or information about finding the perfect lamp as a wedding gift, give Michael’s Lamp Studio a call today at (612) 926-9147 or email info@michaelslamps.com.