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Whether you collect vintage lamps, are looking for the perfect light fixture for your living room, or are just shopping around, Michael’s Lamp Studio has what you’re looking for. We have a huge selection of lamps and lampshades, including porcelain and custom lamps. In addition, we also offer lamp repair services, ensuring you don’t have to let go of your well-loved lamps. We’ve been in the lamp business since 1972, and made a name for ourselves as “vintage lamp restorers and providers”. We know that a great lamp can make all the difference in a room’s aesthetic, bringing your space to life with the right kind of lighting. Stop in to the lamp studio to see what we have in stock and one of our lighting experts will help you find a vintage lamp that meets your needs.

Custom and Porcelain Vintage Lamps for Sale

Just like every piece of furniture you add to your home or office, a lamp should fit the character of your space. Lamps can be boring and utilitarian, or they can be exciting pieces of art that brighten a room. With a vintage lamp, you’ll be able to find character and charm easily in either a custom or porcelain lamp. Custom lamps are unique and often appeal to a very distinct type of person. You might find a lamp that displays your love of a certain brew or a sports team, or you might happen upon a lamp with even more personal significance. If you’re just looking for a beautiful  lamp, though, you can’t go wrong with a porcelain vintage lamp. These will give you the look you want, and you can easily find something that matches a room’s coloring and aesthetic.

Vintage Lamp Shades to Complement the Perfect Lamp

Even when you find the perfect lamp, there’s still the little matter of getting the shade just right. Your perfect lamp might not come with the perfect shade, or you might see something that looks just right on another lamp! We understand that the lamp shade is just as important as the lamp itself in determining how much light your room sees and how your lamp looks in your room, overall. To ensure you get the exact aesthetic you want, you can look through not just our lamps but also our lamp shades so that you go home with the exact right lamp for you.

Vintage Lamp Repair Services

We understand how difficult it is to find the perfect accessory to a room. So when you finally find that perfect lamp you’ve been looking for, the last thing you want is to have to make repairs. But if you’ve already found the perfect vintage lamp but it’s in disrepair, don’t worry! At Michael’s Lamp Studio, we repair vintage lamps at a great price, ensuring your investment doesn’t go to waste and that you get to hold onto that treasure for many years to come. If you’re looking for a new lamp, shade, or vintage lamp repairs, contact us today at 612-926-9147, or email info@michaelslamps.com.