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Custom & Vintage Lamps For SaleAt Michael’s Lamp Studio, we don’t take the term ‘unique’ lightly. In the lighting industry, there is a lot of repetition and duplication. That’s where our unique lamp store in Minneapolis separates itself from the competition. Investing in lamps that are not mass produced is one great way to create a look for your home that will not look anything like your neighbors. To top it off, our unique lamps are also reliable and long lasting! The best way to find out about our unique lamp options is to stop by Michael’s Lamp Studio whenever you’re in the Minneapolis, MN area. After seeing these custom lamps in person, you’ll quickly know why so many of our clients come back time and time again to add to their unique lamp collection.

Custom Lamp Options

Whether you’re looking to invest in a sports lamp for your basement or if you’re in search of a vintage look, Michael’s Lamp Studio has you covered. A sample of the custom lamps that we have to offer include:

Minneapolis, St Paul Lamp StudioHorse Racing Statute Lamp
● Porcelain Happiness Lamp
● Monkey Climbing Tree Lamp
● Parrot Lamp
● Baseball Batting Helmet Lamp
● Black Skate Lamp
● Cheese Lamp
● Beer Growler Lamp
● Pure Oil Can Lamp
● Many More!

Unique Lamp Accessories

Maybe you have a lamp that you’ve had for years and simply can’t part ways with. However, the look of your lamp is outdated and you’re ready for a refreshing look. If you fall in this category, our unique lamp store has you covered. Rather than investing in an entirely new lamp, why not invest in a new lamp shade that will bring an entirely new look to your home. Stop by our studio in Minneapolis, MN and take a look at the wide variety of lamp shades that you have to choose from. Additionally, we can help you with unique bulbs, sconces, chandeliers, clocks, mirrors and even wall art. Our high quality lamp store has been St Paul and Minneapolis Lighting Studioaround since 1972 in large part due to our unique options, long lasting materials and affordable prices.

Unique Lamp Store Minneapolis

So, if you are in the market for a one of a kind lamp or you’re interested in bringing a new look to your existing lamp, it is time to visit our unique lamp store. Don’t purchase a lamp that is mass produced. Instead, invest in a custom lamp that will add character to the room. If you are in the Minneapolis, MN area, stop by Michael’s Lamp Studio and see first-hand the unique lamp options that we offer. To learn more about your custom lamp options, give us a call today at (612) 926-9147 or email info@michaelslamps.com.