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Unique Lamp & Lampshade Destination Minneapolis MNAt Michael’s Lamp Studio, we are not your average lamp shop. In fact, we’re a unique lamp and lampshade destination in Minneapolis, MN that you simply cannot find anywhere else. Thanks to our diverse supply of lamps and lampshades and our overall lighting expertise, we have established ourselves as the complete lamp shop in the area. There’s no better time to make your way down to our lamp shop to see our lighting options firsthand.

Hard to Find Lamps

When you enter into Michael’s Lamp Studio, you’re not going to find the mass produced lamps that you run into at your local home improvement store. Instead, you’ll quickly have access to a wide range of hard to find lamps that range in style, design, color and look. What’s great about visiting our lamp shop with an open mind is that you may walk in to our shop thinking about one lamp style and walk out with one that is totally different simply because of the diverse options that we offer our customers. If you still haven’t found what you’re looking for after glancing through our lamp inventory, just stop one of our lighting experts and let us know. We’ll listen to what it is that you are looking for and we’ll work to create a custom lamp for you if at all possible.

Massive Lampshade Inventory

Who says you have to invest in a full lamp to achieve a new look? Well, if you’ve got a functioning lamp that you love but are ready for a new look, consider replacing the lampshade as an affordable option. At Michael’s Lamp Studio, we’ve been in the lighting business since 1972 and have built a massive lampshade inventory for our visitors to peruse through. We’re here to help you upgrade your home’s interior even if it’s with just a few new lampshades. You’ll be amazed at how much better your room will look with a few new lampshades from Michael’s Lamp Studio.

If you’re in the market for a unique lamp or lampshade that you likely will not find anywhere else, it’s time for you to visit Michael’s Lamp Studio. We are Minneapolis, MN’s premier lamp and lampshade destination that offers unique and one of a kind lamps and lampshades. To learn more about our lighting options, give us a call at (612) 926-9147, email info@michaelslamps.com or stop by our lamp studio today.