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Trends in LampsJust like any home decor items, there are different trends in lamps and lighting that can transform the look of your home. The current look in lighting and lamps is clean, crisp, and uncluttered, making your home look fresh and spacious. Lamps now come in many different shapes including arcs, different proportions and unique textures to add a new visual appeal as well as improved lighting to your home. Michael’s Lamp Studio has a wide selection of modern lamps that follow the new trends in lighting. You can be confident that you will find the widest selection of lamps in the Minneapolis, MN area in our showroom.

Widest Selection of Lamps and Lamp Shades in Minneapolis

Michael’s Lamp Studio keeps all types of lamp stock including custom lamps, chandeliers, floor lamps, porcelain lamps, sconces, as well as a large selection of unique lamp shades. We follow the current trends in home decor and work hard to get lamps into our showroom that reflect what is currently popular. We also stock lamps that take LED bulbs that are a great choice for those looking for “green” options for their lighting. One current trend is using different materials for lamp bases. Instead of plastic bases, many lamp designers are using glass, metal and even brass and handmade designs that look distressed or textured. In addition, because current trends are for a clean and uncluttered look, you will notice an attention to lamp shades. Our studio also has the largest selection of lamp shades in the area.

Find the Perfect Lamp for your Space

Michael’s Lamp Studio has been serving the Minneapolis area for more than 70 years. We are a local and family owned business that has spent years building a strong reputation for excellent customer service and competitive pricing. We realize that you can always look online to order a new lamp for our home. We believe that it can be very difficult to choose a lamp without seeing it in person. So, we keep our studio fully stocked at all times so that our customers can look and touch our lamps and speak with our lighting specialists about exactly what you are looking for. Very often our team can help you find the perfect lamp for your space.

If you have questions about the current trends in lamps or lamp shades, call us at Michael’s Lamp Studio 612-926-9147 or stop by our studio on W 50th St. We are open Monday-Saturday 9:30am-5:30pm.