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Shop Online LampsInterested in finding lamps online, but not interested in buying the lamps from somewhere that mass produces the lamps? The good news is that there is a way to accomplish this task so that you can find yourself unique lamps that aren’t in the homes of your neighbor’s house down the street. At Michael’s Lamp Studio, we are eager for you to shop our online lamps whenever you have some down time.

Online Lamp Showroom

At Michael’s Lamp Studio, we have plenty of customers that come visit our store in person. With the growth of the Internet and the popularity of shopping online, we understand that many homeowners would prefer to shop for lamps online while they are sitting on their couch or lying in bed. To help you shop our online lamp selection, our website, www.michaelslamps.com provides you with detail around a wide variety of our antique lamps, porcelain lamps, and lampshades. Choose from our diverse lamp collection that includes a Ritz Cracker Tin Lamp, Beer Growler Lamp, Rare Antique Clarinet Lamp, Parrot Lamp and many other one of a kind options.

Shop our Online Lamp Selections & Receive Exceptional Customer Service

Even if you decide to shop our online lamp selection, you still will have the same access to our lighting professionals. If you’ve got questions about any of the lamps posted online, just pick up the phone or shoot us an email and we’ll have you an answer in no time. Struggling to find the look that you’ve been searching for on our website? We can help you with customizable lamp options as well. Truthfully, the opportunities are endless when it comes to shopping online for lamps from Michael’s Lamp Studio. Just like we treat our customers that stop by our lamp studio like family, we do the exact same thing for our online customers as well. We’re committed to developing a relationship with our clients that allows them to purchase lamps both in our store and online.

At Michael’s Lamp Studio, we’ve been providing our customers with reliable, affordable and unique lamps since 1972. If you are more of an online shopper that is looking for lamps for their home or commercial property, our lighting experts have you covered. Visit our website, www.michaelslamps.com to shop our online lamp selection that is not mass produced. If you’d like to speak to one of our lighting team members, give us a call today at (612) 926-9147 or email info@michaelslamps.com.