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Lighting & Lamp Repair Services at Michael's

We offer complete lamp repair services from cord repairs to antique lamp restoration.

Lamp Repair - Damaged lamp repair servicesDo you have that lamp in your home that you just can’t let go of? Lamps are more than just an accent to a room in your residence. They last for years and can become a reminder of memories from the past. So rather than getting rid of your worn or damaged lamp, and settling for another lamp, we can repair your damaged lamp. Locally owned right here in Minneapolis, MN, we are a lamp studio that has a true passion for helping customers keep their treasured lamps around for as long as possible.

Trusted Lighting Repair Experts

Michael’s has been in the lamp repair business since 1974. Over the last 40 plus years, we’ve seen just about every type of lamp repair that you can think of. Since we’ve been doing this for so long, you can be confident that we’ll get your lamp repaired so that you can utilize your prized possession for years to come. We’ve fixed some very old lamps as well. Your best bet is to bring in your damaged lamp so that we can evaluate it first hand. From there, our trusted lighting repair experts will determine the repairs that are needed. The other option would be to send us a photo via email that provides a picture and details the damage that you are dealing with. From there, we’ll be able to provide you with a lamp repair estimate that you’ll find to be very affordable. By choosing a local lamp repair company, you’ll notice a significant difference in the type of service that you receive from our dedicated staff. We will work on your lamp in a timely manner and we focus in depth on the finer details that may get overlooked by a larger repair shop that is more focused on the quantity of lighting repairs they complete, rather than the quality of the repairs they provide.

Common Lamp Repairs

When it comes to the most common lamp repairs that we see on a regular basis, our lamp repair specialists work on the following:

  • Cord Repair – Quite frequently, we get calls from our clients wanting us to lengthen or shorten their lamp cords. This is an easy repair for our staff, so bring your lamp into the store and let us get to work for you!
  • Lamp Parts – At Michael’s Lamp Studio, we keep a lot of lamp parts on hand. Chances are that we already have the lamp part that you need right here at our store, but if we don’t, we’ll go on the search to find the specific part that will get your lamp back to working order.
  • Basic Lamp Repairs – To give our clients a rough estimate of what they can expect for minor lamp repairs, on average we charge $30-$40 to repair table lamps and $60+ to repair floor lamps.
  • Restoration – If your lamp needs a massive facelift before you can show it off to your guests, consider investing in our lamp restoration services.

Your Complete Lamp Store

Lamps are truly our passion. Whether it’s a floor lamp, table lamp, antique, finial, chandelier, etc., we just love how lamps can bring a true personality to your home. When you come drop off your lamp to get repaired, we encourage you to walk around and take a look at our lamp store. We have a very large lamp selection including antique and unique lamps that you simply cannot find anywhere else. Additionally, we carry the best brands in the industry.

So, when it comes to your lamp repair needs, think local. Serving Minneapolis, MN since 1974, our lighting repair professionals at Michael’s Lamp Studio are ready to get to work on any of the lamp repairs that you may need. Choose a team that has the best interests of your lamps in mind at all times. We are your complete lamp store that can not only handle your lamp repairs, but can also be your go to source for specialty bulbs, lamp shades, finials, chandeliers, sconces, lamp accessories as well as mirrors, clocks and wall art. Our clients are our number one priority with every lamp repair that we handle. So, let us get to work today on your lamp repair needs so that you can get your favorite lamp back to full strength. To learn more about our lamp repair options, give our trusted lighting repair experts at Michael’s Lamp Studio a call today at (612) 926-9147 or email info@michaelslamps.com.