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Porcelain Lamps at Michael’s Lamp Studio

At Michael’s Lamp Studio, we like to think that all of our lamps tell a story. Whether that story is shown through the markings on its porcelain body, or it highlights a desk in a room bringing light into an otherwise dark space, we want all of our lamps to be part of a story. We want our customers to go home excited and ready to make that room just a little bit more special. As your local lamp go-to store in and around Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the Twin Cities suburbs, we pride ourselves on having a diverse and unique collection, specifically for the ever-elusive porcelain lamps. If you’ve been searching for the right lamp to create your story, it’s likely you will find the right match here at Michael’s Lamp Studio.

The Beauty of A Porcelain Lamp

So why are porcelain lamps so popular? Why does it take forever to find just the right one? At Michael’s Lamp Studio, we’ve been asking ourselves these questions for years. Porcelain lamps can be made with an infinite number of colors, shapes and sizes. They can be created into a masterpiece of art with intricate designs and wondrous details, or be a simple desk lamp, plain in color but fantastic in lighting. Since porcelain itself is made from white clay and other bland materials, it can easily take on color and become a canvas for creative lamp makers. With the many different designs, patterns, colors, and shapes, there’s no way choosing a porcelain lamp is easy! That is, except, if you know what you are looking for!

Professional Lamp Shop

Michael’s Lamp Studio has been serving Minneapolis, St Paul, and the Twin Cities Suburbs since 1972. We provide a unique variety of porcelain lamps that allow our customers to create a beautiful, unique space in their home or office. As a local owned and operated company, we pride ourselves in knowing our inventory and building relationships with our customers. If you are searching for a specific piece, we can direct you there immediately. If something like that isn’t in our store, you better believe our highly trained lighting professionals will be on the hunt to find you the perfect lamp that you’ve been waiting for.

Our Porcelain Lamp Selection

As we’ve said many times, our unique porcelain lamp stock has something for just about everyone. It is ever-changing and always eclectic. Many of our porcelain lamps are antique and can be the classic touch you’ve been waiting for. We also offer beautiful and simple porcelain lamps that blend into a room nicely or give it a pop of color. Check out our mini B/W Porcelain teapot lamp! This lamp is gorgeous and basically begs you to smile every single time you look at it. How about our simple and eloquent Ice Blue porcelain mini jar lamp? This timeless piece is simple and can add beauty and functionality to any room. Whatever your style may be, there is a porcelain lamp that is sure to match it. Our porcelain lamps range in price from $95 to $350. So whether you are sprucing up a room, adding light to a desk space, or giving a new couple an extravagant wedding gift, you can find the perfect porcelain lamp at Michael’s Lamp Studio.

Porcelain Lamp Uses

Many people use porcelain lamps as an accent piece to a room. We’ve actually had several customers that have chosen their lamp here and then based the rest of the room off of its color and design. Porcelain lamps can be as simple as you want or they can be a focal point of the room that easily becomes a conversation piece. While they offer great beauty, let’s also not forget that they serve a very functional purpose. Apart from their aesthetic uses, our lamps are all created to give light to any room. Depending upon the shade and strength of the light, you can decide just how much light you want there to be!

So if you live in Minneapolis, St Paul, or the Twin Cities Suburbs and you’ve never been to Michael’s Lamp Studio, come check us out! Whether you’ve been searching for a specific porcelain lamp or you just want to gain inspiration and browse a bit, our knowledgeable and friendly staff will welcome you with open arms. For more information about Michael’s Lamp Studio and our porcelain lamp inventory, please feel free to give us a call at (612) 926-9147 or shoot us an email at info@michaelslamps.com. We look forward to brightening your day soon!