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Minneapolis and St Paul Premier Lighting Studio At Michael’s Lamp Studio, we offer a variety of all different types of lamps and shades to fit every home or business owner’s needs. Since 1972, we have been studying, collecting and selling beautiful lamps and shades that have fit the look and style of many homes. We have gained invaluable knowledge and insight into what styles fit for different personalities within a room. We understand the popular lamp and shade trends that occur and can help you complete the look of any room in your house or business. If you are looking for popular lamps and shades, come visit Michael’s Lamp Studio and let us make your day just a little bit brighter.

Popular Lamp Shades

Go White or Go Home – Many homes and businesses prefer the appearance of a fresh, clean look in and around their property. White is a timeless, popular lamp shade look that can never steer you wrong. You can stick with a simple white linen or dress up your white with more of a textured look that gives it depth. If you are trying to get a fresh, clean look at home, white lamp shades pair best with softer toned lamps like a light grey or simple pastels.
Go Bold or Go Back – Nothing brings more life to a room than a bold, colorful lamp shade. Whether you are looking for that pop of color or a beautiful, full design, let your lamp shade become an accent piece that is the talk of the party!

Popular Lamps

Table Lamps – Sticking with the fresh and clean theme, popular lamp colors are lighter right now. Grey, metallic, or a classic “shabby, chic” color seems to be the latest craze. Table lamps right now are ideally meant to add a nice pop of attention, but not necessarily to be the centerpiece of a room.
Modern Designs – Have you seen the over-signed, hanging lamps for reading? This popular lamp style starts on the floor and hangs it’s beautiful, bright light right over your reading nook. Whether you get this design in white or metal, the style of lamp happens to be one of the most popular floor lamp designs on the market.

No matter what your style or functionality purpose for your lamp may be, Michael’s Lamp Studio has it all. With an ever-changing, always impressing selection of popular lamps and shades, we are confident you will find exactly what you are looking for at Michael’s Lamp Studio. For more information about lamp and shade styles, give us a call today at (612) 926-9147.