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Office Lighting IdeasNo matter what your business may be, the culture in the office setting is changing. More and more research suggests that the environment you work in can directly impact your productivity. For example, more and more people have started to use adjustable desks so that they can both sit and stand while at work. This increases blood flow, is ergonomically friendly and ultimately, it promotes a good work environment. Likewise, the same can be said for your office lighting. At Michael’s Lamp Studio, we offer a plethora of office lighting ideas to promote a positive work culture and productive environment.

Avoiding the Fluorescent Lighting

Fluorescent lights can be found in numerous office settings. Unfortunately, it is also known for draining your eyes and escalating migraines. Additionally, low level lights can do the same thing. Did we mention that studies also show that low lighting just makes for a depressing atmosphere in general? At Michael’s Lamp Studio, we want to illuminate your office in a more positive way!

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is meant to bring a sense of calm into any office. It offsets the overhead lighting and adds layers that will brighten your mood and decrease the strain that your eyes may be receiving. This is the perfect type of lighting for when there is no natural lighting beaming in. This can be created by using a table, floor, or even an overhead lamp. At Michael’s Lamp Studio, we have a plethora of different styles, sizes, hues and dimensions for your ambient lighting. We can help you add all different types of light layering within your office that creates an atmosphere and environment that everyone in the office can agree on.

Lamp Shades

Another aspect of lighting that can get overlooked is the purpose of a great lamp shade. This is especially true if you happen to be working at a computer. The last thing you want is your new lighting to be reflecting off of your screen. Having a lamp shade that is both aesthetically pleasing and does a great job keeping balance in your office is ideal.

Customized Lighting

Whether you want unity in your office or something different for everyone, we have the ability to customize your lighting in a way that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye but provides functionality in the workplace. At Michael’s Lamp Studio, let our highly trained lighting consultants take care of you.

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