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Light Bulb Specialty ShopIn 1879, Thomas Edison patented one of the most crucial inventions and conveniences of our lives today, the light bulb. Every day, we take simple light bulbs for granted in our home. Whether you have a unique and beautiful lamp for display or you are flipping on a switch in your bathroom, light is readily available whenever you need it. That is, unless you can’t find those pesky replacement bulbs! At Michael’s Lamp Studio, we are thankful for the invention and utilization of light. We like to think of ourselves as the local hub for you to find those light bulbs that aren’t in your standard stores. If you have been searching for a unique or specific bulb, let our light bulb specialty shop at Michael’s Lamp Studio brighten your day.

Lighting Consultants

If finding a replacement light bulb has ever frustrated you to no end, relax, you aren’t alone. Specialty light bulbs can be extremely difficult and frustrating to find. At Michael’s Lamp Studio we employ a team of highly trained lighting consultants that are knowledgeable and friendly. When you walk into our shop searching for a particular specialty light bulb, our lighting consultants can take you straight to what you are searching for. No more guessing on which bulb to buy or even taking one home only to find out that it doesn’t fit. Our lighting consultants will get you squared away as quickly as possible.

Light Bulb Specialty Shop

Since 1972, Michael’s Lamp Studio has been serving our Minneapolis, MN community with quality customer service, while also offering specialty light bulbs to our customers. We can help you find the perfect light bulb for your unique lamp, find the right fit for an antique lamp or switch it up a bit and help you determine what type of lighting suits your space the most. We house light bulbs of all shapes, sizes and ages with different degrees of brightness. We are also extremely knowledgeable in the lighting industry and if we can’t find the right bulb for you, we can easily order it for you.

No matter what type of lighting need you may have, Michael’s Lamp Studio can help you fulfill it. If you have been searching for a particular light bulb, come to Michael’s Lamp Studio where your problems and frustrations can be put to rest. Come by or call our experienced lighting professionals today at (612) 926-9147.