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Lamp & Lighting StudioAt Michael’s Lamp Studio, we have a true passion for lighting. Truth be told, it is more difficult than ever before to find a local lamp shop that has a wide range of unique lighting options for you to consider. That’s what makes our lamp & lighting studio such a hit. Whether you’re looking for a full lamp, lampshade, or you need to get your existing lamp repaired, our dedicated lighting team is proud to be your complete lamp shop.

Massive Lighting Selection

Michael’s Lamp Studio has been in business since 1972. Over the years, we’ve developed one of the largest selections of unique lamps, antique lamps and diverse lampshades for our customers to choose from. We don’t just carry the standard lamps and lampshades that you can find mass produced at another store. Instead, we focus on providing our clients with unique lighting options that can not only bring the look of your home all together, but it can also quickly become a conversation piece as well. Ranging in shape, design, size and style, our lamp & lighting studio is sure to have something that will catch your eye. Some of the lamp styles that you can choose from include:

  • Floor Lamps
  • Table Lamps
  • Overhead Lamps
  • Oil Lamps
  • Reading Lamps
  • Many More!

Custom Lighting Options

Another unique aspect of our business model at Michael’s Lamp Studio is offering custom lamp options. After visiting our lamp & lighting studio, if you haven’t found what you’re looking for, just touch base with one of our lighting professionals and let us know what it is that you’re looking for. From there, we’ll work to ensure that we provide you with a custom lamp or lampshade that fits your needs. Your lighting options are endless thanks to our expertise in custom lamps and lampshades. Some custom lamps that we’ve created in the past include a parrot lamp, baseball batting helmet lamp, cheese lamp, beer growler lamp and even a black skate lamp.

There’s just something about visiting a lamp & lighting studio and picking up the perfect lamp or lampshade in person, rather than trying to guess on what a lamp or lampshade will look like based on an online image. Stop by our lamp & lighting studio at Michael’s Lamp Studio to see first-hand the massive lighting selection that we have to offer. Give us a call today at (612) 926-9147 or email info@michaelslamps.com to learn more about your lamp and lamp shade options.