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handmade pottery lampsHave you ever wanted a lamp that was unique and special to you? How about a lamp that is specifically made to match the style and design of your space exactly? At Michael’s Lamp Studio, we are proud to offer custom-made lamp pottery to fit all of your room design needs. From creating our own custom pottery lamps, to restoring or designing a customer’s object to become a lamp, Michael’s Lamp Studio can do it all.

One of our favorite things that our excellent lighting consultants like to do is turn old objects into something of value once again. We have had a customer in the past who wanted to turn beautiful vases into lamps that they could pass down to their families for generations to come. Our creative experts were able to look at the vases and create the perfect lamps that suited their needs. Other customers have found items in garage sales and estate sales, brought that item to us, and allowed us to transform their object into a piece of lighting that could one day be considered an heirloom. Turning rags into riches is a fun project that yields beautiful, unique results.

Handmade Pottery Lamps Minneapolis,MN

In the same token, our professionals can custom build any pottery piece and turn it into a lamp that fits the needs of your space. Whether you are looking for a lamp to match a beautiful lamp shade or are just wanting a new accent piece for a room, our ability to custom make lamp pottery is a fun and unique way to liven up any room. Showcase your original piece of art that doubles as unique lighting, all at once! Michael’s Lamp Studio is proud to provide such a unique and special service for all of our customers!

Repairing Old Pottery Lamps

Another unique feature of our studio is the ability to restore your beautiful lamp of pottery piece and turn it into something beautiful again. Our experts will carefully craft your pottery piece back to its original form or, if you wish, create something extra with the piece. Whatever condition your pottery piece may be, bring it in and we can help!

Since 1972, Michael’s Lamp Studio has been dedicated to helping our customers find just what they are looking for in a lamp! For more information about our unique custom-made lamp pottery or to seek information on how to utilize our services, give Michael’s Lamp Shop a call today at (612) 926-9147.