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French Country Style Lamp ShadesWhen you are looking for something specific to complete your room decor, it’s nice to have experts that can help you find just what you are looking for. At Michael’s Lamp Studio, our experts can help you find the most beautiful lamps and lamp shades that you won’t find in just any old store. We have a huge inventory of in-stock lamp shades and our experts here at Michael’s Lamp Studio can point you in the right direction. This even includes our wonderful and unique line of French country style lamp shades. Michael’s Lamp Studio is located in South Minneapolis, Minnesota, and people drive from all over MN and Western WI just to see Michael’s does have the most unique selection of lampshades anywhere. Remember to bring your lamp with you!

The Beauty of French Country Style Lamp Shades

The beauty and uniqueness of French country style lamp shades can help create a certain ambiance in any room of the house. If you’ve found the right lamp, it’s only natural to want to complete your entire look with a particular lamp shade. French country style lamp shades give you the elegance of France while also giving you that country feel that is so popular within homes right now. Our French country style lamp shades come in a variety of different styles even within their own genre. We have elegant lamp shades that are simple and designed to draw the eye towards the actual lamp. We also have French country style lamp shades that are made up of intricate designs that you cannot help but notice when you walk into a room. French country style lamp shades can be so versatile and while there is a specific heir to their presence, they are not limited to one specific color, texture or size.

Finding your Perfect Lamp Shade

At Michael’s Lamp Studio, we have been finding the perfect match for your lamp needs since 1972. Our expert professionals here are highly trained lighting consultants that will work with you to find the perfect French country style lamp shade that fits your needs. We can let you browse our selection within our store or, if you wish, we can help you find what lampshade works best with your space and your existing lamp. Whether you are looking for a more textured but simple design or a French country style lamp with colorful prints, we can help you decipher what works best! Let us also not forget the functionality of the lamp as well! Once we know the style and look you may be going for, we can then help you find the right size that fits your space and functional needs for lighting.

No matter what type of lampshade you may be looking for, French country style lamp shades or otherwise, MIchael’s Lamp Studio can help. For more information about our lamp shade inventory, contact one of our expert professionals today at (612) 926-9147.