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Finding the Perfect LampshadeA lot of people who find their idea of the perfect lamp then have trouble finding the perfect lampshade. You may have an idea of exactly what you are looking for and cannot seem to find it, or you may or may not have any idea where to begin. No matter where you fall on your search for the perfect lampshade, the staff at Michael’s Lamp Studio can help you find what you are looking for.

Largest Local Selection of Lampshades

Michael’s Lamp Studio has a large selection of lampshades to choose from.  In fact, the sheer number of lampshades we keep in stock can be overwhelming to some people.  For many people, looking at so many shades can “numb” the eye and prevent them from being able to see the subtle differences between and among shades of similar style.  Our staff can help you select the type of lampshade you are looking for and make sure that the lampshade you choose is the right size, shape and color for the base that you have.  Because we work in the lighting industry, our eyes are trained to see and understand the subtle differences in the many shades we have in stock.

Our inventory is large enough, however, that most people are able to find exactly what they are looking for with minimal to moderate effort.  We have hundreds of lampshades in stock at all times. As you look at the range of lampshades that we have in our Minneapolis showroom, identifying what you like and do not like will be noted by our staff.  We can then help you narrow the choices of possibilities you like and eliminate the ones that are not a match for your lamp and your taste.

Lighting Consultants Help You Find the Perfect Lampshade

It may surprise you how quickly you begin to develop a critical eye for what you are looking for, even after beginning the browsing process with no apparent idea of what the perfect lampshade looks like for your lamp.  If you want to browse on your own and develop that critical eye on your own, we are happy to leave you to it.  But we are also available to bounce ideas off of and focus in on qualities you like, including colors, shapes, textures, and materials.

If you happen to be someone who knows exactly what the perfect shade looks like, we can help you there too.  Your description of what you are looking for will help us find what we have in stock, and if we do not have it in stock, we can help you find it quickly.  Call us at (612) 926-9147 or stop by our studio and we will be happy to help you.