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Does Lighting Really Make a Difference?Have you ever watched a dramatic tv show? Dim lighting with the exception of one bright light and bare rooms make for an intense showdown in an interrogation room during Law & Order. What about setting the mood for a little romance? Nothing says, “come hither” like soft lighting and airy music. The point that we are so subtly trying to make is that in every situation, whether you are on a dramatic tv show or just trying to have a date night in your living room, the lighting can make a huge difference. At Michael’s Lamp Studio in St. Paul, MN, let us know what type of mood or environment you are trying to create and our highly trained lighting consultants will point you in the right direction.

The Colors of Light

Within every type of light, there is a sense of color or feeling to it. For instance, when you are trying to romance someone in the room, giving a “warm” or colorful light is often thought to bring comfort, joy and sense of safety to a person. Contrary to this, cooler lights can bring a calmness and even somber feeling. Utilizing the colors within the lighting can help field the emotions and really make a difference in the mood of the room.

The Intensity of Light

Once you know your color, the intensity that a light brings can play a major role in the mood of your room. Just like the interrogation example used earlier, the intensity of that lamp light can create harsh shadows and be a strong force that aids the interrogator. In the same sense, a softer, more gentle lighting can be used to keep a room calm, cool and collected.

Effects on Eyes

All of this being said, lighting can make a tremendous impact on your mood but also a physical impact on your eyes. Your eyes can obviously be damaged by light. Even just looking at the sun can burn and damage your eyes. Certain lights are known to increase risk of macular degeneration and cause real damage to your retinas. Choosing your lighting carefully is essential to building your room and making it personal. When it comes to your eyes, lighting really makes a big difference.

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