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Dining Room Chandelier Minneapolis & St Paul, MNThe perfect dining room chandelier is in the eyes of the beholder. There is an almost endless selection of light fixtures that can illuminate your own unique style and attention to detail. The lighting experts at Michael’s Lamp Studio can help you out with choosing the right balance of style and functionality. Your new chandelier can be custom designed to reflect your own individual taste or you can choose from a wide selection of dining room light fixtures on display. Modern, classic, rustic, retro, elegant, industrial or chic, are all words that can describe trends for lighting up your dining space beautifully.

Room Lighting Experts

If you watch any of the popular home improvement and home makeover shows, you have probably seen some gorgeous dining room chandeliers. A light fixture can be designed to blend flawlessly into the room’s décor or demand to be the center of attention. Choosing the design aesthetic that fits your own unique style as well as the size and character of the home can be a daunting task without the assistance of an experienced lighting expert.

Trends in Dining Room Lighting

You can toss out the idea of having a boring light fixture hanging above your dining room table. Go ahead and decorate with a chandelier that makes you happy. There are so many different dining room lighting trends that can create ambiance and charm to any space. Don’t forget to finish off the look with just the right style of lampshades and bulbs.

• Soft minimalist design
• Clean contemporary lighting fixtures
• Layered lighting
• Warm rustic chandelier designs
• Rich metals in polished, burnished or vintage patina
• Bold industrial chandelier silhouettes
• Timeless French country styles
• Large bold fixtures that deliver the wow factor
• Industrial design themes that incorporate wood and iron

Chandelier Restoration and Repair

If you have a chandelier that is a prized family heirloom in need of a little TLC, take it to Michael’s Lamp Studio for an evaluation. Our expertise in lamp repair provides an excellent resource for individuals who want to upcycle a flea market find or bring a favorite dining room chandelier back to its former glory. We have many lamp parts in stock and a large selection of light bulbs to brighten things up.

Experienced Lighting Consultants Minneapolis, St Paul, MN

Lighting is an important feature of any room décor. Experienced lighting consultants at Michael’s Lamp Studio are here to brighten your day with lighting fixtures that reflect style and function. Your dining room chandelier can say a lot about how you feel when you have your family and friends gathered around the dining room table.

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