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Custom Lighting StudioIf you have been shopping for that perfect lamp to complete your new favorite room in a big box store or one of the larger department stores, you may have experienced some frustration.  You might have found lots to choose from but nothing anywhere close to the style that you are looking for.  That is largely because the big box stores and department stores are interested in volume selling first.  Those stores serve a need, for sure, but they do tend to fall short for people who want something more specific and unique. The perfect lamp and lampshade from Michael’s Lamp Studio is the key to finishing the look of that special room.

Local Lamp Studio

Michael’s Lamp Studio strives to help you find exactly the lamp that you are looking for.  We understand that “close enough” is not close enough for you.  Our custom lamp selection is extensive and ever-changing.  If you take a look at our current selection and do not see exactly what you are looking for, just let us know.  We can very likely help you find what you are looking for by tapping into our many resources or even creating what you are looking for.

Custom Lighting Studio

One of the advantages of being a small, local company providing a specific service is that we are able to go deep, when the big stores can really only go broad.  We specialize in custom lamps and lighting and can therefore focus in on what our customers want.  Many of our customers, especially those who take advantage of our custom lighting, want lamps that transcend the limits of what can be purchased in chain store.  Custom lighting allows you to express your individuality or capture the essence of a family memory.  Custom lighting can literally light up a room with your individuality or important memories.

Residential or Commercial Custom Lighting Project

Michael’s Lamp Studio has developed a loyal customer base because our customers know that we value their individuality.  Our team has a passion for lighting and we enjoy working with our customers to meet their custom lighting needs. Custom lighting can actually share with the world a little part of who you are. If you have a vision for a room in your home, let us help you turn that vision into a reality.  Michael’s Lamp Studio would love to help you share that vision with the world around you with a custom lighting project.  Give us a call at (612) 926-9147, email us at info@michaelslamps.com, or better still pay us a visit Monday through Saturday.