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Custom lighting fixturesSelf-expression is important but is sometimes overlooked. We may pay attention to our hair more than our fashion, or our fashion more than our home decorating. But all of it goes toward presenting ourselves to the world around us. Lighting is an important, and also sometimes overlooked aspect of our self-expression because healthy exposure to light helps us feel better, allowing us to express ourselves to the outside world in a more positive way. If you value good lighting and healthy self-expression, Michael’s Lamp Studio can help you bring the two together.

Custom Lighting Options to Add a Unique Touch to your Home

Our custom lighting fixtures have the potential to not only give your living room, dining room, kitchen, bedrooms, basements, and other spaces in your home the benefit of good lighting but they can also be expressions of your personality. The merging of lighting and personality may not occur to some people right away, but when you realize how much each can benefit the other, the joy of searching for and finding the exact right custom light fixture can feel like a successful quest.

Michael’s Lamp Studio has been a fixture in the Minneapolis area since 1972. We sell high-quality name-brand lamps and we also offer a reliable repair service when time gets the better of your lamp or it suffers an accident. Those are important facets of Michael’s Lamp Studio, but it is our commitment to provide custom lamps for our customers’ unique tastes, ideas, and sentimental feelings that make us different from virtually all other lamp studios in the area.

Quality Lamp Shop Minneapolis

Michael’s Lamp Studio has the largest selection of custom lamps in the Minneapolis area. And, if for any reason you do not find the perfect lamp in our West 50th Street studio, we have options available online as well. When you visit our store, you will find that our team has a true passion for lighting and helping our customers find the look that they are looking for. We love discussing possibilities with our current, prospective, and future customers. Talking with you about how to create a custom lamp ignites our creativity and allows us to demonstrate our passion for good lighting and hitting the mark when you decide on an idea for a custom lighting fixture. We invite you to contact us with any questions you may have. You can call us at (612) 926-9147 or email us at info@michaelslamps.com. Or, better still, pay us a visit.