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Custom Lamps and Light Fixtures for SaleWhen you are looking for custom lamps and light fixtures for sale, you likely want to evaluate your options in person. It is very difficult to get a true picture of the actual look of a custom lamp or light fixture by solely looking at an image online. The best way to find a custom lamp and light fixture that you know you’ll love is to stop by a lamp studio. If you’re in the MN area, there’s no better option than for you to visit Michael’s Lamp Studio. Once you visit our studio and peruse through our wide selection of custom lamps and light fixtures, we’re confident that you’ll come back again in the future whenever custom lighting is needed.

Unique Lamp Selection

At Michael’s Lamp Studio, customization is one of the aspects of lamps and light fixtures that makes our job so fun. We can truly bring these lamps and light fixtures to life with unique options that you simply cannot find anywhere else.  Our lamp studio has been around since 1972, so you can be that we’ve created a lot of custom lighting options for our customers. Our customization can be done on all types of lamps including floor lamps, overhead lamps, table lamps, reading lamps, etc. A sample of custom lamps that we have available for sale include:

  • Monkey Climbing Tree Lamp
  • Porcelain Happiness Lamp
  • Rare Antique Clarinet Lamp
  • Baseball Batting Helmet Lamp
  • Black Skate Lamp
  • Beer Growler Lamp
  • Pure Oil Can Lamp
  • Cheese Lamp
  • Many More!

Other Light Fixtures for Sale

The fun doesn’t stop at our lamp selection! At Michael’s Lamp Studio, we also have custom inventory around other types of light fixtures as well. If you’re in need of other light fixtures such as a chandelier, finial, sconces or lamp shades, we’ve got you covered with these as well. Additionally, we carry some of the most respected brands in the industry, which helps give you the peace of mind that your light fixture investment is one that will last.

Who says searching for custom lamps and light fixtures can’t be fun? Rather than trying to find a custom lamp or light fixture online that you’re not quite sure about, stop by Michael’s Lamp Studio today so that you can see our custom inventory. We offer the widest lamp and light fixture selection around so that you don’t have to go to multiple stores for your lighting needs. To hear more about our custom lamps and light fixtures for sale, give us a call today at (612) 926-9147 or email info@michaelslamps.com.