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Creative Wall LightsIf you’re in the midst of upgrading your home, one of the items that you likely have to think through is lighting. With the hundreds, or even thousands of different options it can be hard to know what to choose that is trendy, but won’t look out of style in just a few years. Thankfully our team at Michael’s Lamp Studio has been in the lighting business for decades and we therefore have a keen eye for trends that are sure to hang around. Feel free to stop by our showroom if you want some inspiring ideas related to upgrading your home’s lighting. In this blog, we’ll highlight a few trends with creative wall lights that can really set off any room.

5 Creative Wall Lights That Will Truly Make a Statement

Looking to turn a light fixture into a true showpiece? Check out these creative wall lights that will be a constant conversation piece when you’re entertaining friends and family in your home.

Eangee Lamps

Eangee lamps are a creative and highly catchy type of lighting that will really set off any room. These lamps are made using real leaves in a wide array of vibrant colors that allows the light to brighten the leaves and thus create a warm and inviting show piece for your home. Eangee lamps come in all shapes and sizes and our studio has several that we can show you to give you the full effect of the beauty you can expect with one of these light pieces.

Clear Pendant Lights

Clear pendants are becoming extremely popular as a way to combine rustic and industrial design. You may see these types of lights hung at varying heights to create an added effect.

Architect Floor Lamps

At Michael’s Lamp Studio, we’re definitely one to go crazy over a nice floor lamp, which is why we’ve been excited to see the popularity of architect floor lamps grow as of late. These types of lamps can come in floor or table styles and can add a unique style to any room. Their adjustable bodies makes them easy to place in rooms of all sizes.


Chandeliers aren’t just for entryways and dining rooms anymore. Plenty of homeowners are adding chandeliers to bedrooms, bathrooms and other areas of the home that may could use a bit more style.

Wall Lamps

Running out of floor space? Why not invest in a chic set of wall lamps? At Michael’s Lamp Studio we can help you choose wall lamps that will show your sense of style without taking up precious floor or table space.

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