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Complete Lamp ShopThere are many studies that demonstrate that the quality of lighting affects people in various ways. In the workplace, employees are more productive, and feel less stressed when their environment is lit well. In the home, the same is true. People whose homes are well lit tend to be happier, more energetic and optimistic, and more likely to be better rested than those whose lighting is less than optimal.

Michael’s Lamp Studio has been contributing positively to the lighting of homes since 1972. We take pride in being a complete lamp shop. We sell new and antique lamps. We have an enormous selection of lamps and shades. And we offer repair of any kind of lamp. If you have a lamp that requires repair, the chances are good that we will be able to return it to its previous pristine state. Regardless of whether the repair pertains to functional components, like plugs and cords, or aesthetic and decorative aspects of the lamp, we will have a solution to the problem.

Wide Selections of Lamps and Lamp Shades

We have spent the last half-century perfecting our craft. We understand not only the facts surrounding achieving good lighting, but our expertise can be easily translated to help you create the exact mood you desire for your living spaces. Lighting can influence the overall feeling in a room. If you have strong ideas about what kind of feeling you want a room in your house to have, but you cannot quite achieve the effect you are looking for, we are confident that we have the experience and expertise in lighting to help you achieve your goal.

Local Experienced Lamp Shop

Michael’s Lamp Studio has a very large selection of lamps, shades, and accessories. Our customers know this, and we are proud that our customer base is as loyal to us as we are to them. If you have not visited our studio, please consider coming in. We always enjoy expanding our circle and welcoming in new customers. We believe that you will find us knowledgeable about the many aspects of lighting that subtly affect the environment of your home. Furthermore, we will show you that we truly care about you and the environment you hope to create in your home.

Complete Lamp Shop

Like many aspects of life, lighting the home is more complicated than most people think. Since 1972, we have dedicated our time to helping people enhance their home environments with the best possible lighting. You are always welcome to stop by and visit our Minneapolis lamp shop. If you would like more information before doing so, give us a call at (612) 926-9147 or email us at info@michaelslamps.com.