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Bird Lamps | Tabletop Bird Lamps

Bird Lamps | Tabletop Bird Lamps Do you love birds? You may love to watch them outside — the sounds, the colors, their interactions are fascinating and even peaceful. If you love birds, you may want to consider adding bird decor inside your home. Michael’s Lamp Studio has a wide variety of custom lamps in stock and available for purchase online. Right now, we have a gorgeous table top parrot lamp that is 29” tall with a 16” pleated cloth lined, copper colored shade.

Unique Lamp & Lampshade Destination Minneapolis MN

Unique Lamp & Lampshade Destination Minneapolis MNAt Michael’s Lamp Studio, we are not your average lamp shop. In fact, we’re a unique lamp and lampshade destination in Minneapolis, MN that you simply cannot find anywhere else. Thanks to our diverse supply of lamps and lampshades and our overall lighting expertise, we have established ourselves as the complete lamp shop in the area. There’s no better time to make your way down to our lamp shop to see our lighting options firsthand.

Light Bulbs

Light BulbsLight bulbs have come a long ways over the years. There are numerous options for size, style and brightness. Step into Michael’s Lamp Studio and find out why we have earned a reputation for excellence in service and lighting supplies including a selection of hard to find specialty bulbs. Light bulb wattage can range from barely there to bold and bright. Certain light fixtures require a specific watt of light bulb to operate safely and efficiently. LED lights use less energy and can last longer than traditional incandescent bulbs. Then, you have to factor in the nearly endless range of light bulb shapes, base size and profiles. An experienced lighting consultant can assist you with filtering out the wrong types of bulbs and zeroing in on the correct wattage, style and brand for your lighting needs.

Lamp Design Company

Lamp Design CompanyWho says you can’t have a little fun when it comes to the lamps in your home? Settling on purchasing mass produced lamps doesn’t have the be the path that you take for your home. If you’re looking for unique lamps that will bring elegance to any room, Michael’s Lamp Studio has you covered. As a lamp design company, you’ll be pleased with the options that we offer our clients.