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Home Lighting Lamps & Fixtures

Home Lighting Lamps & Fixtures MinneapolisMichael Lamp Studio is the premier lighting stores in Minneapolis. Since 1972, Michael’s Lamp Studio has provided Minnesota with a large selection of unique and rare lamps, lampshades, bulbs, parts and accessories and offers repair services. Specializing in antique and unique lamps and lighting fixtures, we are a one of a kind shop. Today, the majority of lighting showrooms have contemporary and modern pieces, but do not have an antique or collectable selection of lighting, this is what sets us apart. Our team is highly trained and can help repair that amazing light or lamp that you may have inherited or compliments your turn of the century or victorian era home.

Minneapolis Lighting Showroom

Minneapolis Lighting ShowroomThere is just something about seeing an object that you plan to purchase in person rather than buying it online. Often times, the item you purchase online doesn’t look like it did on your computer screen. The same can be said for when you are looking for new interior lighting for your home or office. The good news is that if you are in the Minneapolis, MN area, our team at Michael’s Lamp Studio has one of the best lighting showrooms around. Here in our Minneapolis lighting showroom, you’ll be able to find exactly what it is that you’re looking for when it comes to your lighting needs.

Interior Lighting Store Minneapolis

Interior Lighting Store MinneapolisOne of our team’s greatest joys is to help you feel more comfortable in your own home. The way we have chosen to do that is with good lighting. In fact, that has been our method of helping people love their homes a little more since 1972. The right lamp choice can tie a room together—the final piece of a room that you have decided to remodel. If you visit Michael’s Lamp Studio in Minneapolis, MN, you may find a lamp so impressive and striking that you decide to remodel a room around it. Many of us take good lighting in our homes (and offices) for granted, if we think about it at all. Michael’s Lamp Studio does not – we understand the importance of lighting to our moods and perceptions of home.

Interior Lighting Store in Minneapolis

Interior Lighting Store in MinneapolisRather than investing in interior lighting that is mass produced and fails to set your home or commercial property apart from the rest, why not invest in interior lighting that is unique and diverse? Well, the good news is that Michael’s Lamp Studio is an interior lighting store right here in Minneapolis that offers a large variety of interior lighting options. Take the next step towards completing the overall look of your interior that you’ve been dreaming of by investing in our interior lights.

Accent Lighting Ideas

Accent Lighting IdeasIt’s amazing what some minor changes around your home can do to revitalize the overall look of your property. If you feel like there are some missing pieces needed to help bring the look of your home together, one area to consider focusing on is accent lighting. At Michael’s Lamp Studio, we have a passion for accent lighting and our lighting experts are here to help you navigate these unique accessories. It is always the little things like accent lighting that pull everything together.

Lampshade Specialist

Lampshade SpecialistThe perfect lamp with an imperfect lampshade is like the perfect outfit topped with mismatched shoes. Or, if you were going out for an evening of dinner and dancing in your most amazing outfit, you would never throw on a sweat-stained baseball hat to top it off.  No, you would spend at least as much time on your hair as you do on choosing the exact right clothing for your exciting night out.