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Unique Lamp & Lampshade Destination Minneapolis MN

Unique Lamp & Lampshade Destination Minneapolis MNAt Michael’s Lamp Studio, we are not your average lamp shop. In fact, we’re a unique lamp and lampshade destination in Minneapolis, MN that you simply cannot find anywhere else. Thanks to our diverse supply of lamps and lampshades and our overall lighting expertise, we have established ourselves as the complete lamp shop in the area. There’s no better time to make your way down to our lamp shop to see our lighting options firsthand.

Finding the Perfect Lampshade

Finding the Perfect LampshadeA lot of people who find their idea of the perfect lamp then have trouble finding the perfect lampshade. You may have an idea of exactly what you are looking for and cannot seem to find it, or you may or may not have any idea where to begin. No matter where you fall on your search for the perfect lampshade, the staff at Michael’s Lamp Studio can help you find what you are looking for.

Vintage Lamp Shades

Vintage Lamp Shades MinneapolisAre you on the hunt for vintage accent furniture to help bring the whole look of your home together? If so, one affordable way to do this is to invest in vintage lamp shades from our lighting experts at Michael’s Lamp Studio. There’s not another lamp shop in the Minneapolis area that offers as large a variety of vintage lamp shades as our team does. So, hop in your car and head on down to our one of a kind lamp studio.

Lampshade Specialist

Lampshade SpecialistThe perfect lamp with an imperfect lampshade is like the perfect outfit topped with mismatched shoes. Or, if you were going out for an evening of dinner and dancing in your most amazing outfit, you would never throw on a sweat-stained baseball hat to top it off.  No, you would spend at least as much time on your hair as you do on choosing the exact right clothing for your exciting night out.

Best Lampshade Shop

Best Lampshade ShopAre you ready for a change when it comes to the look of your lamp, but you just can’t get rid of the lamp that you’ve had for so long? Well, At Michael’s Lamp Studio, we know how you can keep your existing lamp and still be able to bring a whole new look to your home. The simple solution is to purchase a new lampshade for your existing lamp. Our lamp specialists have a passion for providing our community with the best lampshade options around.

A Lampshade Can Make or Break a Room

Your home is one of the few places where you can really show off your style. You can choose to do this in many ways – the color of your walls, the style of your furniture, cabinets, or countertops. One relatively inexpensive way to show your style in any (or all) rooms of your home is your choice of lamps and lamp shades. Lamps can transform a room, giving it a completely new look or feel. New lampshades can take this one step further. Michael’s Lamp Studio has a huge selection of unique lampshades that can offer you a way to add a special touch to a room in your home. Our lighting specialists have been with us for MANY years, and are up on the latest lighting trends, as well as the older styles. Remember to bring your lamp into the store with you. The experience is absolutely amazing.