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A Lampshade Can Make or Break a Room

Your home is one of the few places where you can really show off your style. You can choose to do this in many ways – the color of your walls, the style of your furniture, cabinets, or countertops. One relatively inexpensive way to show your style in any (or all) rooms of your home is your choice of lamps and lamp shades. Lamps can transform a room, giving it a completely new look or feel. New lampshades can take this one step further. Michael’s Lamp Studio has a huge selection of unique lampshades that can offer you a way to add a special touch to a room in your home. Our lighting specialists have been with us for MANY years, and are up on the latest lighting trends, as well as the older styles. Remember to bring your lamp into the store with you. The experience is absolutely amazing.

Lampshade Specialists in Minneapolis

One of a Kind Lamp ShadesIf you’ve found a beautiful lamp to place in your home, you may still be struggling with finding a lampshade that matches the style or period of the lamp itself. Thankfully you’ve stumbled upon a virtual treasure in Michael’s Lamp Studio. We have a wonderful showroom in the Minneapolis, MN area where we have hundreds of lampshade options available to match most any lamp style.

Unique Lampshades Minneapolis

Unique Lampshades Minneapolis | Unique Lamp Shades For Sale MNDo you have a lamp or set of lamps that you have put away, thinking they might be outdated, in good condition, or imperfect for a certain room? A new lampshade can make a huge difference when it comes to adding a new design element to a room in your home. Choosing the right lampshade for your lamp can be a bit difficult and daunting. That is why many individuals put it off or put their lamp base into a closet and forget about it. The staff at Michael’s Lamp Studio can help you pick out the perfect and unique lampshade for your lamp.