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Modern Lamp Styles For Your Home Or Business

Modern Lamp Styles For Your Home Or BusinessAt Michael’s Lamp Studio, we take pride in offering a wide variety of lamp styles that our customers can choose from. As your complete lamp shop since 1972, we’ve had our hands on just about every type of lamp that you can imagine at one point in time. Our diverse selection is something that is hard to find this day in age. Rather than purchasing a lamp that is mass produced, why not invest in a one of a kind lamp that you can have for decades.

Custom Lamp Maker Since 1972

Custom Lamp MakerThis day in age, it’s becoming more difficult to find custom made lamps. At your local stores, mass produced lamps that don’t stand out are what you typically find filling the aisles. What fun is purchasing a lamp that your friends and neighbors may already have? A custom lamp can be the perfect accent to a room. So, if you have been in search for a custom lamp maker, your search should stop

One of a Kind Lamp Shades

One of a Kind Lamp ShadesReplacement lamp shades never have to be boring again with the hundreds of choices available at Michael’s Lamp Studio. We carry a wide selection of sizes, colors, materials and styles. Create your own one of a kind look by pairing a gorgeous lamp with a unique lampshade that speaks to your individual sense of style. Home lighting has never been so easy. Stop in and see for yourself the unbeatable selection of lamps and one-of-a-kind lampshades at Michael’s Lamp Studio.