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Old Light Fixture Repair

Old Light Fixture Repair MinneapolisHas your beautiful light fixture faded? Is the light that once shined perfectly in your room now dimmed? At Michael’s Lamp Studio, we find joy in old light fixture repairs. Restoring your old light fixtures is always a pleasure here at our shop. We offer a complete selection of light fixture repair services, from big to small.

Antique Lamps for Sale Minneapolis

Antique Lamps for Sale MinneapolisMichael’s Lamp Studio can help you give your home, your apartment, and/or your business environment the exact aesthetic you are looking for.  Antique lamps can give your living or work space a cutting-edge appearance and create in a feeling of comfort, inspiration, liveliness, or all of those things.  Antique lamps, by definition, have been reclaimed and we use our knowledge and experience with lamp repair to restore these antique lamps to full utility.

Michaels Lamps

Michaels LampsOnline shopping has dramatically increased over the last decade. You can now make a decision about a new TV, a pair of shoes or your groceries online and have them delivered right to your door. However, there are some items that are difficult to choose online because of color, size and texture. While you may find lamps for sale online, they are definitely an item that is much easier to choose in person. Michael’s Lamp Studio has been selling and repairing lamps in Minneapolis, MN for more than 40 years.  We pride ourselves on offering the largest selection of lamps in the area and the best possible customer service. We understand that you can purchase a lamp online, so we work hard to earn your business.

Quality Lamp Repair Shop Minneapolis

Quality Lamp Repair Shop MinneapolisQuality lamp repair can be hard to come by, but not at Michael’s Lamp Studio. We are proud to offer lamp repair that you can count on. Since 1972, Michael’s has been serving our community with quality lamp repairs and a dedication to outstanding service. Whether your lamp just won’t shine or it needs an entire facelift, Michael’s Lamp Studio has you covered.

Restored Ceiling Lamps For Sale Minneapolis

Restored Ceiling Lamps For Sale MinneapolisThere is something beautiful about taking something old and barely utilized and then turning it into something new and gorgeous. At Michael’s Lamp Studio, we pride ourselves in offering an eclectic selection of lamps as well as the opportunity to restore your old lamps. If you are looking to update your old ceiling lamps or are looking to buy old restored ceiling lamps, Michael’s Lamp Studio is the perfect place for you.