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Bird Lamps | Tabletop Bird Lamps

Bird Lamps | Tabletop Bird Lamps Do you love birds? You may love to watch them outside — the sounds, the colors, their interactions are fascinating and even peaceful. If you love birds, you may want to consider adding bird decor inside your home. Michael’s Lamp Studio has a wide variety of custom lamps in stock and available for purchase online. Right now, we have a gorgeous table top parrot lamp that is 29” tall with a 16” pleated cloth lined, copper colored shade.

Unique Lamp & Lampshade Destination Minneapolis MN

Unique Lamp & Lampshade Destination Minneapolis MNAt Michael’s Lamp Studio, we are not your average lamp shop. In fact, we’re a unique lamp and lampshade destination in Minneapolis, MN that you simply cannot find anywhere else. Thanks to our diverse supply of lamps and lampshades and our overall lighting expertise, we have established ourselves as the complete lamp shop in the area. There’s no better time to make your way down to our lamp shop to see our lighting options firsthand.

Custom Lamps Minneapolis

Custom Lamps MinneapolisAre you doing renovations in your home or are just growing a bit tired of the decor in one of the rooms in your house? Lighting can transform a room and add warmth and a unique decorative accent that gets noticed. Michael’s Lamp Studio offers a wide variety of custom lamps in Minneapolis at many different price points. You can incorporate a favorite hobby, a special interest, or a beloved animal or sport into the fabric of a room with a brand new custom lamp. No matter what your style, we can help you find the perfect custom lamp for your space.

Custom Lamps and Light Fixtures for Sale

Custom Lamps and Light Fixtures for SaleWhen you are looking for custom lamps and light fixtures for sale, you likely want to evaluate your options in person. It is very difficult to get a true picture of the actual look of a custom lamp or light fixture by solely looking at an image online. The best way to find a custom lamp and light fixture that you know you’ll love is to stop by a lamp studio. If you’re in the MN area, there’s no better option than for you to visit Michael’s Lamp Studio.

Leaf Lamps

Leaf LampsAre you looking for a lamp that is unique and far from the standard? Sure, you can go to a local home improvement store to purchase a mass produced lamp, but that surely will not set the fine details of your residential or commercial property apart from the rest. Investing in leaf lamps, however, is a great way to customize the look of your property’s interior. Where is the best place to find a wide variety of leaf lamps, you may ask? That answer is simple! Stop by Michael’s Lamp Studio today and peruse through our leaf lamp options.

Custom Lighting Studio

Custom Lighting StudioIf you have been shopping for that perfect lamp to complete your new favorite room in a big box store or one of the larger department stores, you may have experienced some frustration.  You might have found lots to choose from but nothing anywhere close to the style that you are looking for.  That is largely because the big box stores and department stores are interested in volume selling first.  Those stores serve a need, for sure, but they do tend to fall short for people who want something more specific and unique. The perfect lamp and lampshade from Michael’s Lamp Studio is the key to finishing the look of that special room.