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French Country Style Lamp Shades

French Country Style Lamp ShadesWhen you are looking for something specific to complete your room decor, it’s nice to have experts that can help you find just what you are looking for. At Michael’s Lamp Studio, our experts can help you find the most beautiful lamps and lamp shades that you won’t find in just any old store. We have a huge inventory of in-stock lamp shades and our experts here at Michael’s Lamp Studio can point you in the right direction.

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Handmade Pottery Lamps Minneapolis, MN

handmade pottery lampsHave you ever wanted a lamp unique and special to you? Or a lamp specifically made to match the style and design of your space exactly? At Michael’s Lamp Studio, we are proud to offer handmade pottery lamps to fit all of your room design needs. From creating our own custom pottery lamps, to restoring or designing a customer’s pottery into a lamp, Michael’s Lamp Studio can do it all.

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Exquisite Bedside Lamps

Exquisite Bedside LampsYou spend more time in your bedroom than in any other room in your home. Make it your most comfortable, and well decorated part of your house without breaking the bank. Michael’s Lamp Studio has a wide variety of exquisite lamps

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Popular Lamps and Shades

Minneapolis and St Paul Premier Lighting Studio At Michael’s Lamp Studio, we offer a variety of all different types of lamps and shades to fit every home or business owner’s needs. Since 1972, we have been studying, collecting and selling beautiful lamps and shades that have fit the look and style of many homes. We have gained invaluable knowledge and insight into what styles fit for different personalities within a room. We understand the popular lamp and shade trends that occur and can help you complete the look of any room in your house or business. If you are looking for popular lamps and shades

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Unique Lamp Store Minneapolis

Custom & Vintage Lamps For SaleAt Michael’s Lamp Studio, we don’t take the term ‘unique’ lightly. In the lighting industry, there is a lot of repetition and duplication. That’s where our unique lamp store in Minneapolis separates itself from the competition. Investing in lamps that are not mass produced is one great way to create a look for your home that will not look anything like your neighbors.

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Porcelain Lamps Minneapolis, MN

Porcelain Lamps Minneapolis, MN People tend to decorate their living space and then live with it for 4 to 5 years minimum. At Michael’s Lamp Studio, you will find something no one else has.

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