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Full-Service Lamp Studio Minnesota

Full-Service Lamp Studio MinnesotaThe lighting industry has changed drastically over the years. It can be difficult to find a full-service lamp studio in the MN area. Sure, you can go to a large chain store and purchase a standard, bland lamp, but what if you’re trying to find something more unique and elegant? Well, the good news is that our full-service lamp studio at Michael’s Lamp Studio has been serving the MN community since 1972. We’ve been able to withstand all of the changes to the lighting industry.  Thanks to our dedicated lighting professionals, our diverse lighting options and our repair services as well, our staff sees nothing but bright lights ahead for our future!

Does Lighting Really Make a Difference?

Does Lighting Really Make a Difference?Have you ever watched a dramatic tv show? Dim lighting with the exception of one bright light and bare rooms make for an intense showdown in an interrogation room during Law & Order. What about setting the mood for a little romance? Nothing says, “come hither” like soft lighting and airy music. The point that we are so subtly trying to make is that in every situation, whether you are on a dramatic tv show or just trying to have a date night in your living room, the lighting can make a huge difference. At Michael’s Lamp Studio in St. Paul, MN, let us know what type of mood or environment you are trying to create and our highly trained lighting consultants will point you in the right direction.

Bird Lamps | Tabletop Bird Lamps

Bird Lamps | Tabletop Bird Lamps Do you love birds? You may love to watch them outside — the sounds, the colors, their interactions are fascinating and even peaceful. If you love birds, you may want to consider adding bird decor inside your home. Michael’s Lamp Studio has a wide variety of custom lamps in stock and available for purchase online. Right now, we have a gorgeous table top parrot lamp that is 29” tall with a 16” pleated cloth lined, copper colored shade.

Blue & White Teapot Lamp for Sale Online

Blue & White Teapot Lamp for Sale OnlineRight now, Michael’s Lamp Studio is featuring a gorgeous blue and white teapot lamp that can be purchased online for just $165. This lamp would make a great addition to a living room, kitchen, family room or office, offering a unique porcelain design that will stand the test of time. This blue & white teapot lamp for sale online is 12.5 inches high, 7 inches wide, with a high and low in line switcher, and a beautiful off-white shade. The teapot portion of the lamp is secured on a sleek black base. The design on the body of the lamp is a gorgeous cobalt blue floral print with an adorable handle that will add a unique touch to your home.

Unique Lamp & Lampshade Destination Minneapolis MN

Unique Lamp & Lampshade Destination Minneapolis MNAt Michael’s Lamp Studio, we are not your average lamp shop. In fact, we’re a unique lamp and lampshade destination in Minneapolis, MN that you simply cannot find anywhere else. Thanks to our diverse supply of lamps and lampshades and our overall lighting expertise, we have established ourselves as the complete lamp shop in the area. There’s no better time to make your way down to our lamp shop to see our lighting options firsthand.