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Custom Lighting Studio

Custom Lighting StudioIf you have been shopping for that perfect lamp to complete your new favorite room in a big box store or one of the larger department stores, you may have experienced some frustration.  You might have found lots to choose from but nothing anywhere close to the style that you are looking for.  That is largely because the big box stores and department stores are interested in volume selling first.  Those stores serve a need, for sure, but they do tend to fall short for people who want something more specific and unique. The perfect lamp and lampshade from Michael’s Lamp Studio is the key to finishing the look of that special room.

Accent Lighting Ideas

Accent Lighting IdeasIt’s amazing what some minor changes around your home can do to revitalize the overall look of your property. If you feel like there are some missing pieces needed to help bring the look of your home together, one area to consider focusing on is accent lighting. At Michael’s Lamp Studio, we have a passion for accent lighting and our lighting experts are here to help you navigate these unique accessories. It is always the little things like accent lighting that pull everything together.

Antique Lamp Sale

Antique Lamp SaleSick of those mass produced lamps that you’ve purchased over the years from the big department stores? Looking for the perfect accent piece of furniture for a particular room in your home? Well, at Michael’s Lamp Studio, we’ve got just what you need. It’s time for you to consider purchasing an antique lamp for your home or office. Our antique lamps for sale are one of a kind and are sure to be a conversation starter in your home or business.

Lampshade Specialist

Lampshade SpecialistThe perfect lamp with an imperfect lampshade is like the perfect outfit topped with mismatched shoes. Or, if you were going out for an evening of dinner and dancing in your most amazing outfit, you would never throw on a sweat-stained baseball hat to top it off.  No, you would spend at least as much time on your hair as you do on choosing the exact right clothing for your exciting night out.

Light Bulb Specialty Shop

Light Bulb Specialty ShopIn 1879, Thomas Edison patented one of the most crucial inventions and conveniences of our lives today, the light bulb. Every day, we take simple light bulbs for granted in our home. Whether you have a unique and beautiful lamp for display or you are flipping on a switch in your bathroom, light is readily available whenever you need it. That is, unless you can’t find those pesky replacement bulbs! At Michael’s Lamp Studio, we are thankful for the invention and utilization of light. We like to think of ourselves as the local hub for you to find those light bulbs that aren’t in your standard stores. If you have been searching for a unique or specific bulb, let our light bulb specialty shop at Michael’s Lamp Studio brighten your day.