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Antique Lamps for Sale MinneapolisMichael’s Lamp Studio can help you give your home, your apartment, and/or your business environment the exact aesthetic you are looking for.  Antique lamps can give your living or work space a cutting-edge appearance and create in a feeling of comfort, inspiration, liveliness, or all of those things.  Antique lamps, by definition, have been reclaimed and we use our knowledge and experience with lamp repair to restore these antique lamps to full utility.

Wide Selection of Antique Lamps for Sale

Because antique lamps tend to vary in style and are not mass-produced anymore, our inventory of antique lamps changes frequently.  That said, we always have a wide range of lamps in a variety of styles: typically, we have lamps from the Art Deco, mid-century, industrial, modern, colonial, Victorian, and other eras.  If you pay our Minneapolis studio a visit, we will be happy to show you all of the antique lamps we have in the style or styles you prefer.  If you are unfamiliar with the styles we have in stock, we will be happy to offer our historical knowledge so you can make more informed choices about your lighting choices.

Antique lamps are not complete without the opportunity to choose antique lamp shades to go with him.  Our lamp shade inventory also varies due to availability and sales, but also like our lamp inventory, we have many.  We offer a lot of photographs on our website to give you a sense of our antique lamp selection, but there is really no substitute for paying us a visit, viewing our lamp selection in person, and being able to have your questions answered in real time by antique lamp experts.

Minneapolis Lamp Studio

Michael’s Lamp Studio has been around since 1972.  In the nearly half-century we have been in business, we have not only tried to provide our customers with the best possible antique lamps and unsurpassed customer service, we have also tried to make ourselves a part of the fabric of the Minneapolis community.  We understand that the only way to do that and be successful in our business is to never fail to demonstrate the respect we have for our customers.  We have found that by working hard to help you find the lighting choices that are right for you, we are paid back with respect, loyalty, and a feeling of connection to the people who make up the community we serve.

We always hope to build on the size of our community, and we hope we can do so by offering you the benefit of our knowledge of antique lamps.  You can contact us by phone at 612-926-9147 or by email at info@michaelslamps.com.  Or you can always stop by and browse – we would love to meet you.