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Antique Lamp Repair - Minneapolis Lamp Repair ShopMichael’s Lamp Studio has been the leader in antique lamp repair in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the Twin Cities suburbs since 1974. Antique lamps tend to have great sentimental value, but because they are antiques, they also tend to break down, chip, develop cracks, or require new and updated wiring. When your valued antique lamp needs to have a bit of new life breathed into it, consider bringing it to us at Michael’s Lamp Studio. We understand your love for your antique lamp(s) and will take great care to repair it so that you can continue to enjoy it.

Repair or Restore A Treasured Antique Lamp

Whether the antique lamp you own that is in need of repair was a treasured find at an estate sale or an item that was given to you by your beloved grandmother, the value you place on that lamp is our primary motivation for repairing it for you. If you are concerned that your treasured antique lamp may not be repairable, please email or call us. Better yet, come by our lamp showroom and pay us a visit. Your lamp may be stronger than you realize, and may require only a simple repair. Some common issues pertaining to lamp repair include the following, and can apply to antiques, not just newer lamps:

1. New cords. Antique lamps with older cords may simply need a newer, safer cord to replace the original. The covering of older cords can dry out, become brittle, and expose the wiring. In such cases, replacing the cord is a simple fix.

2. Other parts. If the part your lamp needs is something other than a cord, there’s a good chance we have that part in stock. If your lamp needs a part that is more unique and not so easily replaced, we will work to find the part for you.

3. Simple repairs. Many repairs, even to antique lamps, fit in the category of simple repairs, and these typically cost in the $30- to $40-range for table lamps and $60 or more for floor lamps. If your lamp requires more extensive repairs, we will communicate the needs of your lamp and provide you with an accurate estimate.

4. More involved restoration. On occasion, antique lamp repair can require more extensive treatment. There is wide variability in such matters, of course, and the final price will be affected by the extent of the damage, the cost of replacement parts, and the time required to make the repairs. But, again, we will communicate with you before taking any steps that would cost you money.

Let our lighting repair experts at Michael’s Lamp Studio take a look at your antique lamp and see if we can get it back to working order. For more information, call us at 612-926-9147 or email us at info@michaelslamps.com.