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As a homeowner, the finest details around your home can tell the biggest stories. That is definitely the case when it comes to the antique Aladdin lamp that you have in your home. If this lamp is in bad shape, chances are that instead of showcasing this magnificent antique Aladdin lamp in your home, you have it stored up in your attic where it may be deteriorating and building up dust. The good news is that our team at Michael’s Lamp Studio specializes in antique Aladdin lamp restoration. We’re here to help get this Aladdin lamp back to its original look so that it can be shown off around your home.

Aladdin Lamp History

With any object, it is important to know its history. That way, once you bring your Aladdin lamp over to Michael’s Lamp Studio for the restoration process and it comes back into your home, you’ll be able to showcase this beautiful lamp as well as share its story with your family and guests. The Aladdin lamp style was developed in 1938. What was so popular about this style lamp is that the base and the top of the lamp lit up. The top light was treated just like any other lamp, while the bottom light was often used as a night light. These lamps came in a wide variety of colors and were very popular because of the unique lighting options they provided at night.

A Great Investment for the Future

Rather than going to your local store to buy a poorly made lamp, why not bring your antique Aladdin lamp into our studio for restoration services? Our lamp restoration is very affordable and just think about what great story this lamp will be for your guests as you showcase this in your home for generations. To top it off, once our team performs our restoration services on your antique Aladdin lamp, you’ll be able to pass this unique lamp down as a gift to other friends or family.

Restoring Your Antique Aladdin Lamp

Our lamp experts at Michael’s Lamp Studio have been restoring antique lamps since 1972. Over these decades, we’ve developed the experience to get your restoration project completed correctly the first time around. We want you to be extremely proud and able to share this restored antique Aladdin lamp with all of your guests. Through our restoration services, our team will focus on the original features of your antique Aladdin lamp and do everything that we can to bring it back to its original state. Don’t be embarrassed by the shape of your Aladdin lamp. The great news is that whatever condition your lamp is in, Michael Lamp Studio can restore it back to life!

So, if you are fortunate enough to have an 75 year old antique Aladdin lamp in your home that isn’t getting much use or is in bad shape, don’t just leave this beautiful lamp in your attic. Instead, bring this lamp over to Michael’s Lamp Studio so that we can perform lamp restoration services. Our goal is to bring your Aladdin lamp back to its original glory. To learn more about our antique Aladdin lamp restoration services, give us a call today at (612) 926-9147 or email info@michaelslamps.com.