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Accent Lights for your OfficeA recent article discussed ways to make a space feel more comfortable and welcoming. The very first point the writer discussed was lighting. Lighting can turn an unwelcoming, bland space, into something cozy and calm. At Michael’s Lamp Studio, we have all different types of accent lights for your office. Whether you are looking for something that makes your office feel more welcoming or you are going for a more functional lighting option, we’ve got everything you could possibly need.

Importance of an Accent Light in the Office Setting

At Michael’s Lamp Studio, we often have customers come in looking for unique types of accent lights for a specific purpose in their office. Lighting design is an important element to any commercial property. Offices who receive clients or customers can use lighting to highlight specific parts of their office so that the customers’ eyes are naturally drawn to the brighter areas. Even if you don’t have guests coming in and out of the office, accent lighting is important for your well-being. Another study discovered that a combination of both ambient and accent lighting helped to improve the overall feeling of well-being for those working in the office setting. Bringing sunshine into indoor spaces using accent lighting can positively affect your work environment.

Choosing your Accent Lights

At Michael’s Lamp Studio, we provide an enormous selection of unique and hard to find accent lights. We have a team of highly trained lighting consultant experts who will listen to your wants and needs and point you in the right direction of your light. Tell us about your space, the lighting that may already exist and the functionality you need in order to help your office be more successful. We will then help you find that gem you’ve been searching for. From antique table lamps to modern floor lamps, Michael’s Lamp Studio has a variety of accent lights that is sure to match your wants and needs. Think of your accent lights as creating the mood and atmosphere of your office. No office should be without some real personality!

For all of your accent lighting needs in the office setting, let your first stop be at Michael’s Lamp Studio. For more information about accent lights in the office or if you need help with your lighting design at work or at home, give us a call today or come by and visit the shop! Call Michael’s Lamp Studio at (612) 926-9147 or email info@michaelslamps.com.