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Michael’s Lamp Studio has one of the largest selections of antique & unique lamps and lamp shades.

Unique & Antique Lamps, Lampshades, and Accessories MNDating back to 1972, Michael’s Lamp Studio has been proudly serving Minneapolis, MN and surrounding areas by providing a huge selection of unique and hard to find lamps, lampshades, bulbs, spare parts, and accessories as well as offering quality repair services. As a locally owned and operated company, we pride ourselves on providing quality products and customer service to everyone that visits our shop. Our team is composed of highly trained lighting consultants that are knowledgeable and friendly. We are ready to help bring new light into your home or office today!

Our Lamp Selection

Custom and Vintage Lamp Selection In StockThe right lamp or lamp shade can completely change the look of a room. Choosing the right style and brightness for a room should be done with some good thought. After all, a lighting piece should be both a reflection of your style, while also serving a functional purpose. At Michael’s Lamp Studio, we offer one of the largest selections of both antique and unique lamps and lamp shades. If you have been searching from store to store to find the perfect lamp to fit your needs, it’s quite likely you will find exactly what you are looking for right here at Michael’s Lamp Studio. At Michael’s Lamp Studio, a customer once described us as a local gem! If you are looking for a specific type of lamp, our knowledgeable staff has a keen eye and a phenomenal grasp on our inventory. Our lamp selection is unbeatable when comparing us to any other lamp shop around.

Lamp Varieties

Variety Of Lamp Types Sizes StylesIt’s quite funny how no one ever thinks about how many different types of lamps there are in the world. Lamps vary from style, size, and functionality. At Michael’s Lamp Studio, we have a good variety of it all. First and foremost, we can talk about different lamp functionalities. Floor lamps, table lamps, overhead lamps, oil lamps, reading lamps, etc. The list can go on and on. When you enter our store, one of our highly trained professionals will likely be asking if you are looking for something decorative or functional. All lamps have the capability of serving a functional purpose. Let us help to narrow down your search by pointing you in the right direction.

Lamp Store Located Minneapolis, MNNow obviously no matter what a lamp’s functional purpose may be, there can be an infinite number of different styles and sizes for your needs. At Michael’s Lamp Studio, we pride ourselves in providing a plethora of unique styles and sizes in each category. From customized lamps made to resemble the helmet of your favorite Minnesota team to beautiful antique lamps or porcelain lamps, we cover it all. Some of our favorites include our beautiful Pure Oil Can lamp, a Rare Antique Clarinet lamp, and even a Beer Growler Lamp! No matter what your style may be, Michael’s Lamp Shop has something for you.

Lamp Service & Repairs

Our professional staff has a love for all things lamps. We love the feeling we get when someone comes into our store and leaves with a lamp that will make them happy every time they turn it on. After all, lamps are an investment that can add value to any room so they should make you happy! So, when we hear that a lamp is broken, our hope is to repair it quickly and give joy back to the owners. We offer lamp repair and restoration for all different kinds of lamps. We also are able to fix other light fixtures like chandeliers, sconces, and even clocks. We are especially known around Minneapolis, MN for carrying parts and materials that no other lamp shop has. During repair and restoration, we can typically fix or restore almost any part of a lamp. From the lamp shade to cord repairs and anything in between. Obviously, price ranges vary depending on the type of repair and restoration needed. For table lamps, repair costs typically range from $30-$60. For floor lamp repairs, costs begin at about $60. To get a more accurate estimate of your costs for lamp repair, we are happy to take a look at the lamp when you come in or you can feel free to send us an email. Include a photo of your lamp and describe for us your repair needs. One of our talented staff members will quickly give you a better estimation on costs and length of time to fix it.

Other Accessories

While our passion begins with lamps, it doesn’t just stop there. We love all types of lighting and home decor. We sell and repair the following:

  • Finials
  • Chandeliers
  • Sconces
  • Shades
  • Specialty bulbs
  • Mirrors & wall art
  • Clocks
  • And so much more!

Locally owned and operated, we have a team of highly trained lighting consultants and friendly staff to help you select the lighting piece and make your home a reflection of your uniqueness.

We carry the brands Waterford, Frederick Cooper, Hubbardton Forge, House of Troy, Mica Lamps, Uttermost Lighting, Arroyo Craftsman, Dale Tiffany, Classic Lighting, Currey and Company, Decorative Crafts, Framburg, and Chapman.

If you are looking for a local, quality lamp shop that treats their customers like family, consider Michael’s Lamp Studio. With our wide selection of lamp and lamp shades, our grave attention to detail, and our restoration and repair expertise, there is no reason to go anywhere else. For more information on Michael’s Lamp Studio, give us a call today at 612-926-9147 or send us an email at info@michaelslamps.com.